#8 Cheryl Ng Crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 hosted by Fairchild TV has just been concluded at the Vancouver Convention Centre on a high note. Tonight, the 10 contestants went beyond to embrace their dreams on the magnificent pageant stage. Several long narrow LED screens were built on both sides of the stage to accentuate the middle giant tele-screen, symbolizing the MCVP crown.

Leading the 10 stunning ladies to shine through the competition were popular masters of ceremonies Delon Lew and Fred Liu. Apart from live broadcast on FTV, TTV and MCVP official website, show updates and highlights were live-streamed on the Pageant Facebook, Instagram and TVB’s Big Big Channel. Audience can also check out TVBAnywhere Facebook to review those classic moments.

The evening was unfolded by a mesmerizing singing performance from the talented junior singer Cathleena Liu followed by Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 Maria Rincon dancing in a cute pajama party with a group of lovely little dancers. Accompanied by the charming Project Boyz, the ten finalists made their first appearance of the night in elegant classy evening gowns.

Shortly after, the ladies emerged on stage with their self-selected creative apparels inspired by different cultures to reflect their true selves. Among them were #3 Charlee whose Japanese style pantsuit with cherry blossom patterns helped to reveal her birth month April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. International Standard Ballroom dancer #6 Shayna Ding was recognized as a Youth Immigrant with Distinction in Calgary. Hence, she picked a Latin dance dress accessorized with a cowboy hat to express her graceful yet vivacious side. Born and raised in New Brunswick, #9 Ruby Ng is a fluent French speaker. She dressed up as a classic French lady to pay respect to her birthplace. This “Multicultural Dance Party” was surrounded by a fusion of Eastern and Western music including Erhu crossing over Latin pop music and Japanese rock song intermingling with Chinese hip-hop dance.

This year’s finalists were definitely born with both beauty and wisdom as some girls are straight-A students and some have obtained multiple scholarships whereas the others are professional pharmacist and research technologist. Together, they stepped onto the stage in the trendiest bikinis to confront an exciting and nerve-wracking round of Q&A.

Next, it was time to show off their individual talents. The Interdisciplinary Performance and Visual Arts major #1 Tingting Niu sang a cheerful song while playing the guitar followed by an electrifying hip-hop dance to conclude the talent segment. #2 Lisa Ly surprised the audience with her one-of-a-kind Tango dance alongside three mannequins. #3 Charlee Ning first played a piece of classical flute music, then brought the audience back to the old time of the extravagant ‘Shanghai Nights’.

Inspired by this year’s theme, #4 Bonnie Chen presented an endearing mirror dance with a little girl who was a reflection of her childhood. #5 Venus Chau and her partner collaborated fantastically in a beautiful piano duet. Inspired by this year’s theme. Ballroom dancer #6 Shayna Ding and her partner danced exquisitely to the music of ‘Where Has Time Gone?’, dedicating this touching performance to her beloved grandma.

#7 Natasha Wong applied her knowledge into her talent show. Through science and chemical reactions, she delineated her transformation after joining the Pageant from a unique perspective. #8 Cheryl Ng wowed the audience with her creative cross-media performance combining Jazz dance with drama. Majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Athletic #9 Ruby Ng, a karate black belt master was engaged in an incredible Nunchaku and kickboxing fight with her partner. Screening officer #10 Tiffany Wu performed a marvelous light stick dance.

An event with tremendous positive energies, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 also featured a special music performance by the handsome and athletic TVB artiste Joel Chan. Joel first sang ‘Wish You Well’, setting a romantic atmosphere. The 10 contestants then joined him onstage in the second song ‘Finding You In Loving Memory’. The graceful Vancouver beauties together with the charismatic gentleman brought yet another highlight to the Pageant. Debuted as a singer, Joel presented to his fans one more melodic number ‘Love of Mine’ and ended the performance with his title track ‘ABCD’.

Lastly, the 10 contestants returned to the stage in bright red elegant Chinese cheongsams for the awards presentation. After considerable thoughts, the judge panel, composed of Mr. To Chung, Ms Nicole Li, Dr. Timothy Hsia, Ms. Sabrina Ho, and Ms. Chieko Katsumi, finally selected the winners of this year's awards.

Champion, Airland My Dream Girl Award & Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Most Charming Award: 8 Cheryl Ng

1st Runner-up & Arctic Fame Diamonds Miss Photogenic: 9. Ruby Ng

2nd Runner-up, Dairn Shane Outstanding Intelligence Award & Doctor Face Experience Best Complexion Award: 1.Tingting Niu

Beauty Court Sparkling New Star Award: Shayna Ding

Winner Cheryl Ng will represent Vancouver in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2018 to compete against delegates from all over the world. We wish Cheryl the best of luck in the upcoming competition, bringing pride to Vancouver and carrying on the beautiful MCVP legacy.

The Gala has ultimately raised $580,000 for Chi Heng Foundation Canada to help HIV-impacted children in China with support for basic needs and the opportunity for education and skills, drawing this meaningful night to a perfect end.


Special Guests Joel Chan Press Conference


Organized by Fairchild Television, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Final is just a couple of days away. The 10 beautiful finalists are about to step onto the dazzling pageant stage to compete for the crown as Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 on December 8. This year’s special guest performer, the athletic and charming Joel Chan, will also bring an extraordinary performance to audiences across the world. Joel Chan made his first public appearance in Vancouver at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Press Conference. To share this exciting moment with his fans, the entire press conference was live-streamed on Facebook. Fairchild TV welcomed Joel by congratulating him for winning My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role at 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia with a celebration cake.

Joel shared that he was delighted to earn recognition for his performance in The Unholy Alliance and expressed his happiness of receiving the award together with his partner Elaine Yiu. When asked about the chance of winning at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2017 by MC Mary Lo, Joel replied that undoubtedly capturing an award gives him a tremendous amount of encouragement. However, he will take it easy and continue to put effort in his acting career. Debuted as a singer, Joel is going to stage his first music performance in Vancouver. Will his title hit “ABCD” be on the song list? To fine out, stay tuned for the Final. Known for his passion for running, Joel formed Crazyrunner and invited good friends in the industry to join this club. He recently ran the Tokyo Marathon during the filming of a reality show Share will run, radiating positive vibes. Joel revealed that it is exciting to visit Vancouver and he is ready to explore this beautiful city through running some scenic routes after the show.

Wrapping up, Joel was first given a set of Canada 150 Circulation Coin Collection by President of Fairchild Media Group Mr. Joe Chan as a welcoming gift. The toonie of the collection was co-incidentally designed by one of the judges, Dr. Timothy Hsia who wrote down a warm message for Joel and autographed on the coin set. Mr. Joe Chan then presented a unique framed picture of the ten contestants with their autographs to wish him a successful performance.

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Final taking place at Vancouver Convention Centre on December 8 will be broadcasted live at 7:55pm (PST) on Fairchild Television (Canada West), Talentvision, and MCVP official website. Don’t forget to follow MCVP Facebook and Instagram for instant updates and firsthand information on the Final.


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Press Conference


Organized by Fairchild Television, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Final will be held on Friday December 8. Inspired by this year’s theme “Embrace Your Childhood Dream”, the 10 contestants are pursuing their dreams on the Pageant stage after undergoing a wide spectrum of intensive training. The life-changing experience will completely transform them and equip them with the strength, courage and passion to reach for the stars. Under the guidance of a team of professionals, the perfect 10 made their first official public appearance at the press conference. To share this exciting moment with the world, the entire press conference was live-streamed on Facebook.

Majoring in Interdisciplinary Performance and Visual Arts, #1 Tingting Niu is a guzheng and guitar player who shows tremendous passion in kickboxing and golf as well. The caring #2 Lisa Ly volunteered at several orphanages in Vietnam and brought smiles to these children’s faces. During the audition, she impressed the judges by presenting a unique dance performance alongside a mannequin. #3 Charlee Zhang Ning obtained her bachelor’s degree in 3 years and recently applied for graduate school, aspiring to becoming a PhD.

Smart and intellectual, the UBC and CUHK scholarship recipient #4 Bonnie Chen, radiated with an aura of Eastern beauty on stage. #5 Venus Chau looks vulnerable yet possesses a brave heart. She didn’t give up after several attempts and finally made it to the final this time. A great dancer and registered pharmacist, #6 Shayna Ding was recognized as a Youth Immigrant with Distinction in Calgary after years of hard work and volunteering in the community.

Endowed with a bright and sunny personality, #7 Natasha Wong is a food blogger who loves sharing food photography online. #8 Cheryl Ng is a research technologist as well as an animal lover. The energetic and athletic #9 Ruby Ng has earned her black belt in karate and lifeguard qualification. Cheerful #10 Tiffany Wu is a screening officer who enjoys the camaraderie, competitiveness and physical demand that come along with dragon boating.

After chatting with each contestant, the MCs of the press conference B. Chiu and Steven Yang were definitely amazed by the girls’ beauty and wisdom.

One of the most sought-after TVB actors Joel Chan has been invited as the Special Guest Performer to bring forth a most anticipated music journey to the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 stage. Joel first debuted as a singer in the 90’s and later signed a contract with TVB to chase his artistic dream. After years of assuming minor roles in dramas with limited recognition, he was gradually landing on more important parts. Despite some ups and downs, Joel’s breakout roles came as the head of the Trend department in Fashion War and a vampire in a supernatural drama Blue Veins in 2016 where he garnered media attention. Following the success of the two dramas, he starred in the critically acclaimed drama series Burning Hands and The Unholy Alliance, thus bringing him unprecedented popularity.

Known for his passion for running, Joel invited good friends and co-workers to join in and form the club Crazyrunner. Joel recently completed the Tokyo Marathon while filming the reality show Share will run, radiating positive vibes. His appearance on the Pageant stage will sure bring tremendous enjoyment to the audience.

Popular FTV and TTV hosts Delon Lew and Fred Liu will be the MCs for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017, leading the 10 gorgeous ladies through the final stage of the competition. Fairchild TV is honored to invite the Founder and Chairman of Chi Heng Foundation Mr. Chung To, along with notable erhu musician Ms. Nicole Li, the Royal Canadian Mint's 2017 My Canada, My Inspiration coin designer Dr. Timothy Hsia and the former member of Happy Girl Group Ms. Sabrina Ho to form the judge panel. As a continuation of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant legacy, Fairchild TV is donating the Pageant production to a different charity organization each year as its entertainment for a fund-raising gala. This year, Fairchild TV has named Chi Heng Foundation Canada as the beneficiary of the annual MCVP Gala Dinner to help HIV-impacted children in China with support for basic needs and the opportunity for education and skills.

The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Final will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Friday December 8th and aired on Fairchild TV, Talentvision, and their homepages at 7:55pm. To find out more and keep updated with the Pageant happenings, tune in to the MCVP segment of What’s On or visit our Facebook page and Instagram.


Kick Start Press Conference


The prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 recruitment has been officially launched today at the “Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Kick Start Press Conference”. This year’s theme “Embrace your childhood dreams” was revealed at the press conference by MC Mary Lo and Steven Yang. For over two decades, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant has served as the platform for many young urban ladies to fulfill their childhood dreams and experience the extraordinary. Through three months of pageant trainings, they will be completely transformed, equipped with the strength, courage and passion to reach for the stars and change their world.

Project Boyz Power 2016 winners, Jacky Weng, Frankie Liu, and Benjamin Hsieh, took the lead onstage as big brothers, along with three adorable little girls. To these girls, joining the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant is their dream. Miraculously, in a blink of an eye, their dream turned reality as they glamorously transformed into Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 champion Maria Rincon, 1st Runner-up Prenda Wang, and 2nd Runner-up Sherry Xue. After the winners’ grand entrance, Mary and Steven were curious to find out what their childhood dreams were. Maria answered: “My childhood dream was to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, and my experience in Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant expanded my on-stage exposure, provided me with the opportunity to represent Vancouver in Miss Chinese International Pageant, and broadened my horizon. This journey brought out a completely different but better version of me prided with the courage to confront the unknowns ahead”. Prenda has always looked up to her renowned TV program host mother and was determined to follow her footstep. Her dream is definitely coming true. Apart from hosting “Asian Magazine”, Prenda was greatly complimented for her competence as the BC Children’s Hospital Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend Telethon MC earlier this year. Last but not least, 2nd Runner-up Sherry, along with Cecilia Pan, Lily Wong, and Bridget Tse shared how they were being inspired throughout the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Whether it was participating at charity events, performing at various special events, shooting TV commercial or filming TV programs, the pretty ladies have learned a lot at these exceptional moments. Being a registered Dental Hygienist herself, Bridget was not deterred from pursuing her “Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant” dream. She even challenged herself yet again at Miss Hong Kong Pageant as an oversea contestant a year later and gained more insights in life.

The group of Miss Chinese Vancouver beauties encouraged all aspiring young ladies to embrace their childhood dreams, take the initiative and audition for the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017. To wrap up the press conference, President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. Joe Chan, was invited onto the stage to officiate the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 campaign. The entire press conference was live-streamed on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to watch the exciting milestone through MCVP Facebook (mcvpcanada). Miss Chinese Vancouver 2016 winners will also go LIVE on Facebook on August 29th (Tuesday) at 6pm, to share their extraordinary pageant experiences and interview tips.Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Final will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on December 8th (Friday). Application deadline is September 15th (Friday).


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017 Recruitment has Begun


A dream gives you the strength, courage, and passion to reach for the stars and change your world. But most importantly, you have to seize the opportunity to pursue it with great determination. Previous winners of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant share stories of their childhood dreams.

Linda Chung
I had always wanted to become an Elementary School teacher since at a very young age. But my destiny went on another path after joining Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Shortly after capturing the title of Miss Chinese International, I signed a contract with TVB, and officially entered the showbiz. I am glad to have made the move because as an actress I could assume a variety of characters and experience the world from different perspectives. I also had a chance to live a life of a teacher along the way. Do you still remember Miss Cool (Koo) in “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!”?

Leanne Li
Having a happy and healthy marriage was one of my childhood dreams. I even envisioned my wedding at a chapel in Europe one day. My life was steering towards a completely different direction after the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Through this Pageant I was brought to Hong Kong where I met the love of my life, Wong Cho Lam. Switching my identity from Ms. Li to Mrs. Wong in a romantic fairytale wedding was like having a dream come true.

Eliza Sam
When I was little, I always indulged myself in a dream as a princess; often using a blanket to wrap around my body as the elaborate dress that a princess would wear. Before joining Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, I was a trainee at a bank. All my friends expected me to stick with this job for the rest of my life. After winning Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, and Miss Chinese International Pageant, I was immediately recruited into the TVB family. I felt extremely lucky that the first drama that I participated in, “Divas In Distress”, received overwhelming responses and positive feedbacks, which also earned me the nickname of “Princess Heung Heung”. I feel overjoyed whenever someone calls me “Princess Heung Heung” and requests for a photo together. Now my dream of becoming a “princess” has been realized.

Gloria Tang
Raised in Vancouver, a city enriched by love and care, my childhood dream was to be a successful and creative charity event promoter to help those in need. After being crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver champion, I was given the opportunity to participate in many charity events, such as taking on the role as Ambassador of Hope for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), volunteering at the daffodil sale to help raise funds for CCS, shooting promotion videos for fundraising events, and promoting cancer awareness. I also joined the Union Gospel volunteer team to serve meals to the underprivileged. These precious moments had broadened my horizon, and further motivated me to give back to the community. With my reputation and influence as an artiste, I wish to increase awareness among the general public on the less fortunate in our society. I feel honored to adopt an alternative approach to fulfill my childhood dreams.

Maria Rincon
I always had a passion for dancing and performing since I was young. I dreamed of becoming a TV program host, to gain insight on different cultures and travel around the world. After immigrating to Vancouver, I spent a lot of time learning Chinese dance, and participated in many performances to broaden my on-stage experience. In addition, I put tremendous time and effort to work on my Chinese, English, and Spanish to equip myself for a career in the entertainment industry. The turning point of my dream-chasing-journey was to engage myself in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant last year. Three months of comprehensive training translating into the final performance onstage had transformed me into a completely different, yet a better version of myself. Since being crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver champion, I had the chance to involve in various charity events and perform at special functions, as well as represent Vancouver to compete in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant had increased my self-confidence and perseverance when heading towards my childhood goal.

Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Eliza Sam, Gloria Tang, and Maria Rincon rode on a possibility that turned into a glamorous life-changing experience at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. No matter what your dreams are, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant will pave the way while adding vibrant colours to your life. A dream without action is just a wish. Take a step forward and apply for Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017. Application deadline is September 15th (Friday) at 5pm.

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