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Lisa Ly

Birth place
5'4 ½"
109 lbs
Cantonese, English
administrative assistant
Childhood dreams
To fly over the city holding helium filled balloons
Which city will be the best place to realize your dream?
Any city where it allows me to show my passion towards freedom of creativity
The most memorable moment
Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2017
observing social attributes, writing novels and stories
Favourite colour
green, white and black
Favourite animal
white kitten, can clean them up easily and immediately when they get dirty
Favourite sport
dance, yoga
Favourite artiste
Andy Lau
Artistes you wish to collaborate with
Andy Lau
Who is your female role model and why?
Teresa Teng, she is a symbol of elegance, talent, and intelligence
Favourite Miss Chinese Vancouver and why?
Eliza Sam. She is very talented in acting and can effectively take on many different roles. I admire her confidence and her smile is always sweet and natural.
What is the most beautiful object or incident in the world? Please provide a detailed account.
A smile is the most beautiful thing in the world because it symbolizes happiness.
Which body parts are you most satisfied with?
My pair of legs because they assist me in making my bumpy life paths flat and smooth.
Do you have any expectations towards the Pageant?
I hope to learn things that I cannot learn in school
If you were to ask the MC a question at the Final, what would you ask?
What are your thoughts about generation gap?
What areas do you want to better yourself?
I am only fluent in English and Chinese hence I would like to learn more languages, especially Spanish and Japanese.
Reasons for joining the Pageant
The motivation is to be able to create a good cause or be part of a good cause.
Why do you think you will excel at this Pageant and be crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver?
To increase my chance of winning the Pageant, I hope to challenge myself to learn more talent during the training period. But ultimately, I think it is important to always be yourself and have faith in yourself.
If you won this contest, how, as Miss Chinese Vancouver, would you contribute to the society and the world?
After winning, with title of Miss Chinese Vancouver, I have the responsibility to bring happiness and necessities to the underprivileged.

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