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Cheryl Ng

Birth place
Hong Kong
109 lbs
Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Research Technologist
Childhood dreams
To travel and help animals around the world. In addition, I hope that one day I can use the knowledge that I have acquired from my research and apply that towards humans as well as animals.
Which city will be the best place to realize your dream?
I would prefer those cities which have minimal resources for animals such that effective measures can be applied and successes be realized.
The most memorable moment
I travelled to Fiji for a humanitarian project. We built a small community center and had great success in promoting awareness pertaining to gender equality.
basketball, badminton, hiking, paddleboarding, kickboxing, walking my dog
hip hop
Favourite colour
rose gold, maroon, grey
Favourite animal
Favourite sport
Favourite dance
hip hop
Favourite artiste
Nancy Wu
Artistes you wish to collaborate with
Roger Kwok
Who is your female role model and why?
Rima Zeidan. She was able to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry despite a tragic car accident that left her body badly scarred. Her perseverance, determination and positive attitude towards chasing her dreams are among the few reasons why I admire her so much.
Favourite Miss Chinese Vancouver and why?
Linda Chung. Not only is she beautiful but she is also very down-to-earth.
What is the most beautiful object or incident in the world?
The most beautiful thing in the world is being kindhearted.
Which body parts are you most satisfied with?
My dimple
Do you have any expectations towards the Pageant?
I hope to step out of my comfort zone and through training, explore and discover my intrinsic potential and abilities.
If you were to ask the MC a question at the Final, what would you ask?
In addition to self-introduction, talent and bikini portions of the show, what other events would you like to add in so that you and the audience can get to know more about each contestant?
What areas do you want to better yourself?
Working in the research lab can sometimes be monotonous and dull. I hope the introduction to a different aspect of creativity through Miss Chinese Vancouver experience can enrich my personality and expand my outlook.
Reasons for joining the Pageant
I am heavily motivated by my childhood dreams. The pageant platform provides excellent networking opportunities and reach. I am hoping to avail from these resources to promote and create awareness around the importance of love and care for animals.
Why do you think you will excel at this Pageant and be crowned Miss Chinese Vancouver?
I believe that my goal oriented mindset alongside my versatile interests and capabilities will ensure that I can fulfill the expectations. In addition, my ability to speak and read English and Chinese also gives me the confidence that I can excel in this position.
If you won this contest, how, as Miss Chinese Vancouver, would you contribute to the society and the world?
As Miss Chinese Vancouver, I would like to unite people of different ethnic backgrounds, promote Chinese culture, and establish harmony and unity. At the same time, I hope to promote animal related organizations and programs, such as animal therapy and service dog training programs, because I wish to bring out the message that animals also contribute to our society and thus worth our love, protection and attention.

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